Friday, November 30, 2007

I reached my first mini-goal...

Starting BR: $44.55
Ending BR: $45.34

Well I made it to the half-way mark for my penny table BR play. I'm just over $45 right now and once I get to $90 it will be time to bump up to the $.02/$.05 tables. But for now I'm just happy to be at this mental goal of being over half way to the next level. As long as I keep playing well I should be there by the end of january or mid february barring any major set backs. This is my last post of the month so on Monday I'll do my November round up and show how my bankroll has grown this month. Its been a pretty good and consistent month. I'm pleased.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inching closer...

Starting BR: $44.40
Ending BR: $44.55

Once again I was over the $45 mark today but I had running quad 4's beat me when I made a read on a guy. I flopped the top pair, and Ace, and he bet. I called him putting him on a miss. Which was true, until the turn have him trip 4's and the river quaded him. So I doubled him up. Not much you can do when you make a read and go with it like that. With his preflop raise I didn't put him on 44. Oh well. Up on the day still, although only a tiny bit closer to my goal. If I get there tomorrow I'm just gonna be done playing for that session...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

up and down again, but up...

Starting BR: $44.12
Ending BR: $44.40

I was at one point up over the $45 mark. But I got chipped away at when my cards dried up about mid way through the session. I couldn't even flop a pair. I made a good play against a player when I sensed he wanted to roll. He was getting antsy and wanted to get some chips in the pot. I had AQ and flopped an A. It turns out that he too had an A with a 6 kicker and I took down a nice pot. Like I said before, I float for a while until being chipped away. Ended up $.28 on the session. A positive session is a good session.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

played the fool!

Starting BR: $43.08
Ending BR: $44.12

Just fooling around a bit this evening waiting on some laundry. I got a chance to play back at a bluffer when I had second pair and took down a nice pot.

Rough day...

Starting BR: $41.97
Ending BR: $43.08

Its a good thing I was playing on two tables today. It doesn't happen very often that I bust my buy-in but when a guy is drawing a gut shot to my two pair and back doors a running nut flush, you know that you weren't going to win no matter what. So thanks to that and then flopping a flush only to be outflopped by the same guy there goes $3.

However! On the other table there were two guys going at it pretty hard with their bets. There was a raise to 8, and a reraise to 13. There were 3 people in front of me commited already and I had A Q. So I called. The original raiser went all-in and the other guy called, it was $1.82 to me and I made the call. Well I won. One guy had KK the other guy had 8 7 off suited. I took down a $5.52 pot and I'm up $1.11 on the day!

One table horrible, one table great. I love how the odds are exactly that, the odds. And, over time, they are always right. :)

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Nice long lunch session...

Starting BR: $40.10
Ending BR: $41.97

I climbed ever closer to that halfway point at my penny table level. Today is one month that I have been playing now. I think it will probably take me until sometime in February to get to the next level. December is a short month for me because of all the holiday stuff going on. I should, if I keep at this pace, break the halfway mark next week and hopefully get up above it a little. I'll have 4 days to win $3. Its doable if I play smart.

JJ is usually my enemy but today it took down a fish that was pushing all-in with a little over $2. Next hand he went all-in for .53 and another guy at the table took him out with JJ again. So it was the devil hand once again, just not to me this time. Big change from normal :)

If you stop by feel free to comment. Good luck to anybody going hunting on Monday, especially ME! haha

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Got up over the $40 level..

Starting BR: $39.90
Ending Br: $40.10

In an up and down session, I knocked out one guy. That put me up, and the fish nibbled at my profits for a bit until I decided to walk with my profits. Its nice to be in that $40 level right now since $45 is the halfway mark until the next level. Its been about a month now that I've been on this adventure. I started at $15. So that means that being at $40 makes me up $25 which is 166%. I would say that is a good push. I'll do a monthly recap at the beginning of each month from here on out.

Tomorrow as everybody here in the States knows is Thanksgiving. I won't be playing. I will be playing on Friday, as I have to work so that I can get the following Monday off. That is the first day of deer season and so I won't be playing then. So I'll play Friday the 23rd, then 4 days the following week. The Monday after that, December 3rd I'll crunch some numbers and get a nice recap written up for the month of November.

Enjoy your thanksgiving everybody. And don't forget to give thanks to who it matters most, God. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big day on the penny table today...

Starting BR: $35.90
Ending BR: $39.90

It was a good day on the penny table today. A nice big $4.00 jump in my BR. The table was constantly full of predictable big betting fish. All I had to do was sit back, hit a hand, and reel them in. The big big hand was when I had KK. I raise preflop, get raised, then an all-in reraise. I call, the first guy calls. 10 high flop. I win. My hands held up today, plus most of the betting and calling was done with some sort of pair rather than a draw which was nice for a change.

Monday, November 19, 2007

And they have no fear...

Starting BR: $36.39
Ending BR: $35.90

Got called by second pair on a nice play by me. I saw his weakness, and took control of the hand, but despite not having top pair, not even second pair, he still calls a nice big bet on the river to take the pot. Mindless play for sure, leaves me down .49 for the session.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Session...

Starting BR: $35.07
Ending BR: $36.39

I had a little time this afternoon and played for about an hour and a half. I won $1.32 without too much trouble. Had a nice fishy fish call me when I had KK. I would have bet more but the board lent itself to caution.

Good session.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Frustration + 1 lucky hand = positive session

Starting BR: $35.04
Ending BR: $35.07

Every fish in the ocean was hitting, my cards were on dry land. I saw AK one time and no pocket pairs. Not a single one in an entire hour. My next highest starting hand was A 10 off suited and QJ suited. That was it. Got frustrated and called with K 3 suited to some guy that just came on the table and went all-in a couple hands in a row with a dollar. I hit my king and he had J 2 off suite. I won. That put me up $.03 on the day.

A positive session is a good session.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nice steady session...

Starting BR:$34.14
Ending BR:$35.04
I had pretty even cards today. A couple hands that should have won didn't, but I laid them down to save my roll. Then hands I picked up held up. It was a good session. Consistent, not just from me, but from the other players as well.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Double Post on two good sessions...

Starting BR:$31.43
Ending BR: $32.40

Last night I got on for a bit while I was playing with my puppy. There was a nice fishy on that like to call me down for a few hands. Probably would have made more, but I had to stop playing and take the dog out.

Starting BR:$32.40
Ending BR:$34.14

Up to a new high in my quest. Flopped a boat with pocket 10's and brought AA along with me for the ride with a 10 high board. There was another joker in the pot for a while and make two nice big calls before folding. There was a guy going all-in but I couldn't get an above average hand to call him with. Finally the other guy at the table picked up AQ, called him and took his .90. Better timing could have produced me some more, but that's poker.

Remember to leave comments when you stop by. I would love to know who's following along. Probably nobody at this point. It won't get exciting until I've been posting for about a year and my BR is enough that I can play higher limits.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Out kicked on the hands I did have..

Starting BR: $32.72
Ending BR: $31.43

Couldn't get anything rolling. I either lost with top pair to an over pair or got outkicked by a fish that hit something backdoor. And the list goes on. Bad day on the table.

Hopefully things pick up mid week and I can regain my spot of 11 buy-ins.

On a side not, please feel free to leave comments. I always love to know who's stopping by :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Crappy lunch session...

Starting BR: $33.01
Ending BR: $32.72
Well my cards dried up again, and was able to salvage only a .29 loss thanks to a nice semi-bluff all-in play. Took down a nice pot to get me back close to even. I'll continue my climb tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon session

Starting BR: $30.14
Ending BR: $33.01

I got to play for a couple hours this lovely Sunday afternoon. It was a bit back and forth and it took a while to get anything going, but a nice rush at one point put me up and that is where I stayed.

I now have 11 buy-ins. only 19 more and then i'll be at .02/.05. This is definitely a slow grind, but I like it :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pair over pair over pair makes a winner...

Starting BR: $25.87
Ending BR: $30.14

Its always nice to be sitting with KK when the guys betting in front of you have QQ and JJ and a 9 high board. It sure makes for a nice pot :)

I had a really excellent session. I've been waiting for one of these for too long now. I should have ones closer to this more often but that's the luck of the draw.

Almost had a really nice pot at the end of my session. I had A Q with a preflop raise in front of me. I called. The flop was 7 Q A. I checked, he checked. Turn was some junk card. I checked, he bet .08. I snap called. The river was an A. I bet .20. He goes all-in for $2. I called. We split the pot cuz he had AQ as well. haha. Gotta love it when that happens, I was just hoping he had the case A. Still a great session.

Until Monday, have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A fishin' we shall go

Starting BR: $24.74
Ending BR: $25.87

The first table that I sat down on ended up breaking after only a couple hands. I was down .09 at that point. I got onto another table and made it up though...

I spent the whole session trying to catch a fish. And I did ok at it. I trapped him on a couple nice hands that he tried to bluff at. It was to the point that he would hardly play against me let alone make big dumb bets. I walked away after an hour up $1.13. Not a bad session for pennies :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Up and down, but up....

Starting BR: $24.62
Ending BR: $24.74

It was an up and down session. More up than down but only netting $.12 on the hour. Every time I made a great play and grabbed up and nice pot, someone else would squash me with some draw. I think I'm playing against a bunch of starving artists sometime. All-in all not a bad session.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

nice short session this evening...

Starting BR: $23.52
Ending BR: $24.62
Well I decided to try and play a little bit this evening and it payed off.

Another long losing session...

I can't seem to hit much lately, and when I do I get out hit. Lost .40 today. And that is only because I ground it out at the end. Try again tomorrow.

Current BR: $23.52

Monday, November 5, 2007

Same cards, different day....

So a guy sits down at my table with a buck after I have been there maybe 3 hands. I get KK and raise. He goes all-in, I call, he wins with AA. So that starts me down right away.

I got a little taste of revenge...There was a preflop raise to .06 and I was the 3rd of 4 callers. I hit my set but a spade draw presented itself. I was in late position. There was a .02 bet, a call, then a raise to .08. I called. There was a fold, then the better folded, and a third guy called. On the turn the spade it. The short stack went all-in for .54. The next guy folded and I called on hopes of pairing the board. I did. I won. Up a couple cents now, hopefully this half hour will be productive.

And at the end of the grind I'm up $.70.

Starting BR: $23.22
Ending BR: $23.92

Good to be moving in the right direction again.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dry run...

Starting BR: $24.07
Ending BR: $23.22

Been a tough week this week. Between being fished out of the water and not getting any nice runs I'm down about $4 this week. Still up $8 from my start. I'll see if I can't get it rolling better next week.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some days its win big or lose big....

I've gotten off to a rocky start today at the beginning of this post. I'm down about $2.50 right now thanks to my set of 6's getting beat by a straight, and the guys hole cards were 5 2. But I have over a half hour to play yet, so we'll see what happens...

Wow, rough session. Trips busted by a cheap straight, two pair beat by a cheap set, top pair beat by a rivered straight....and the list goes on. I lost $2.98 this session...what a bummer... There is always tomorrow...

Starting BR: $27.05
Ending BR: $24.07