Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another winning session

Starting BR: $107:53
Ending BR: $109.97

Well I had another relatively good session. I had a fish on the ropes for another two dollars before he sucked out. Not bad overall though. Had it not been for my lunch break being over I would have taken him for his $5 he had. I'm liking this level and I'm moving through it fairly quickly. I'm hoping to be out of it by sometime in april. I have about $70 to go until the nickle/dime tables.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Blew through the centry mark...

Staring BR:$96.02
Ending BR: $107.53

I played a little bit this weekend and today at lunch. Both were very productive sessions. I won over $5 in each of the sessions. This is more of the type of sessions I was having at the end of my penny table sessions. I was almost always doubling my starting stack by the end of the session. If I keep doing that $180 will come really quick. I'm sure I'll have some set backs, but I'm enjoying the roll so far.