Monday, December 10, 2007

Big up and Big down and a little up...

Starting BR: $47.97
Ending BR: $48.21

So I played very well this session and while I should have been up a lot I only made $.24 on the day. I was up over $2 when I got AK. I raised and was called. Flop was K high. I bet and got raised by a BSing fish. I reraised him and he called. The turn was a blank and I went all-in. He called. Low and behold the river was a club and he hit his flush. So that made me reload. Then I got KK and he had AQ and I got back $3. That put me at even and then I ground out the rest in the last few minutes I had to play.

I was up on the session so that is a positive.

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