Monday, December 3, 2007

New Month, Last Month of the Year...

Starting BR: $45.34
Ending BR: $45.83

Well folks, here it is. Here is the round up from last month and my year to date story.

I started this month with a bankroll of $27.05. I got a slow start and lost a little the first week, but buckled down and got refocused and ended I ended November with a bankroll of $45.34. This amounted to a 67% increase in my bankroll from the previous month. I started the year, short year since I just started in October, with $15. After November I have had a 202% increase in my bankroll.

This month probably won't be as good since I won't be playing as much due to the holidays. I will have the first three weeks in full but the last full week of the month will only have 2 days. And I won't get any time on the partial week that ends December. It looks like I'll get 17 out of 21 playable days this month. I may try to sneak in a session or two on the holiday break, but that will have to be played by ear.

As for today's session...

It was a slow session. No real big hands. I just sat around picking up loose changed. Ended the session up $.49.

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