Friday, October 26, 2007

Crazy flush hand...

Starting BR: $25.82
Ending Br: $27.37

Early on in today's session i had a pretty crazy flush hand...

I had 10 6 of diamonds and flopped the A Q J flush. I bet, get raised, which gets reraised, and called, then I called. 4 people in the hand. I was hoping that no one had the K of d but wasn't counting on it. Then the turn put down a 4th diamond, so I obv lost. But the kicker is that the 4th diamond fell even though the first guy to raise me had 9 5 diamonds, the reraiser went all-in wiht the K of d, I had 10 6, and A Q J was on the board. And of course with only 5 cards in the deck that could beat me, it happens.

But on the bright side I ended up recovering from that hit later on when I flopped top pair and went all-in, got called by 2 people and won with two pair. They had nothing and I knew it, so I took a shot and won.

up a buck fifty five today. Not too bad. Its a slow climb, very a slow climb.

PS. Jay, leave me $5 in my account, you can borrow the rest ;)

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