Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What its all about...

Hello and thanks for stopping by Lunch Hour Poker. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the poker I play on my lunch break. I know it sounds a bit simple, but there is much more to it....read on..

Here's the scenario, I play poker online on PokerStars.com (this is not a paid endorsement, i truely and honestly believe it to be the best poker site out there, in a future blog I'll explain why.) I started with $15 that my buddy Jay gave to me on there. Now, I've been playing on there for years, and am the one that taught my buddy how to play. From time to time he borrows money from my bankroll and plays. The $15 was just a small taste of what he owes me, but I though that having that little amount online would be a nice starting point for this venture.

Here's the goal....To build my bankroll to the point where I can make more money during my lunch break than I make in my whole day at work. I will do this by good bankroll management and consistent play, and you can follow all the EXCITMENT! here :)

To bring you up to speed.
I started this last week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, 16th or 17th of October 2007. Now it is the 23rd of October 2007 and my bankroll is up to $27.20. $11 of that is back on Jay's tab ;)

I am using the rule that I play at a level until I have 30 buy-ins for that level. Then, after I reach that goal I will go up to the next level and play there until 30 buy-ins and so on...
Currently I'm at the penny table level. The buy-in that I use is $3. This means I will move up to $.02/$.05 when my bankroll reaches $90. This is going to take a while to do, but I think that if I stick with my plan, that someday I will get there. It may take years to do, but I'm willing to give it a shot. So until tomorrow's lunch, have a good day.


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