Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Consistency is the key to success on penny tables

Starting BR: $83.61
Ending BR: $86.85

If I have the same session tomorrow that I had today I'll be playing at the new level on Friday. But I'm going to get ahead of myself. I still have $3.15 to win before I am going to play the next level. I've been very consistent of late. My cards have been fairly consistent as well. Its to the point that I can change speeds and disguise my play. This helped today in my win. I've been making the same raises no matter what I hold and then following up with the same bets. I find that when I'm am consistent, the other players that aren't, give a lot away when they are checking, betting, and raising. I've not only had a very good week thus far money wise, I've learned a lot as well.

My goal was to be at the .02/.05 by March. It looks like that may come much sooner. Which is fine by me :)

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