Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I haven't posted in a little while...

Starting BR: $86.85
Ending BR: $71.65

Now at first glance you are going to think I just lost $15. That is not the case. Last week, I think it was Thursday night, I mistakingly played a $3 rebuy tourny and bought in 7 times (including the add-on). Now I'm not proud of this since it was out of my bankroll's range to be playing. It was a big mistake from a bankroll management perspective. (not to mention i got killed by the odds). At any rate I'm on the get back. I'm at $71.65 now and so my climb begins. It was a dumb set back and now I'm paying the price. If it wasn't for that stupid move I'd be on the next level right now.


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