Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its like they just don't believe me ;)

Starting BR: $75.57
Ending BR: $83.61

I've been milking them lately. I had some really nice cards today. On top of that I played them well. Most of the time I would raise and people would just fold them up. But when they did call me they were along for the ride. I had one guy call me down as I made over $1 bets after the flop, turn, and river when I had AA, he had 99, and there were 3 overs on the board after the river when he called. He must have thought I was just over betting to shake him off his hand ;) Let them think what they want. I'll take an $8 lunch hour session on a penny table every day of the week. Less than $7 away from jumping up to the $.02/$.05 tables. If this keeps up it may happen sooner than later. Lets hope :)

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