Friday, January 4, 2008

First loss of the new year...

Starting BR: $54.67
Ending BR: $50.81

I had a tough round last night. Whooooo boy. I was getting bashed by big hands. I lost with a flush to a rivered boat. I lost with top 2 to a flopped junk straight. And the list goes on. When I didn't have the better kicker I lost, and when I did have the better kicker the other guy had 2 pair. It was just one of those nights.

I played at lunch today. My cards were not very good. I had been getting a little loose and trying to press to make things happen. I just sat back today and tried to be more patient. I won $.36 but I saw almost 125 hands. Not too great. I saw JJ a couple times but none of the big pockets. I played about 250 hands last night and didn't see AA or KK once. I'm definitely due for a big session with a lot of big cards because mine have been scarce.

Leave it.

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