Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Double Post on two good sessions...

Starting BR:$31.43
Ending BR: $32.40

Last night I got on for a bit while I was playing with my puppy. There was a nice fishy on that like to call me down for a few hands. Probably would have made more, but I had to stop playing and take the dog out.

Starting BR:$32.40
Ending BR:$34.14

Up to a new high in my quest. Flopped a boat with pocket 10's and brought AA along with me for the ride with a 10 high board. There was another joker in the pot for a while and make two nice big calls before folding. There was a guy going all-in but I couldn't get an above average hand to call him with. Finally the other guy at the table picked up AQ, called him and took his .90. Better timing could have produced me some more, but that's poker.

Remember to leave comments when you stop by. I would love to know who's following along. Probably nobody at this point. It won't get exciting until I've been posting for about a year and my BR is enough that I can play higher limits.

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