Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rough day...

Starting BR: $41.97
Ending BR: $43.08

Its a good thing I was playing on two tables today. It doesn't happen very often that I bust my buy-in but when a guy is drawing a gut shot to my two pair and back doors a running nut flush, you know that you weren't going to win no matter what. So thanks to that and then flopping a flush only to be outflopped by the same guy there goes $3.

However! On the other table there were two guys going at it pretty hard with their bets. There was a raise to 8, and a reraise to 13. There were 3 people in front of me commited already and I had A Q. So I called. The original raiser went all-in and the other guy called, it was $1.82 to me and I made the call. Well I won. One guy had KK the other guy had 8 7 off suited. I took down a $5.52 pot and I'm up $1.11 on the day!

One table horrible, one table great. I love how the odds are exactly that, the odds. And, over time, they are always right. :)

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