Friday, November 23, 2007

Nice long lunch session...

Starting BR: $40.10
Ending BR: $41.97

I climbed ever closer to that halfway point at my penny table level. Today is one month that I have been playing now. I think it will probably take me until sometime in February to get to the next level. December is a short month for me because of all the holiday stuff going on. I should, if I keep at this pace, break the halfway mark next week and hopefully get up above it a little. I'll have 4 days to win $3. Its doable if I play smart.

JJ is usually my enemy but today it took down a fish that was pushing all-in with a little over $2. Next hand he went all-in for .53 and another guy at the table took him out with JJ again. So it was the devil hand once again, just not to me this time. Big change from normal :)

If you stop by feel free to comment. Good luck to anybody going hunting on Monday, especially ME! haha

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