Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Got up over the $40 level..

Starting BR: $39.90
Ending Br: $40.10

In an up and down session, I knocked out one guy. That put me up, and the fish nibbled at my profits for a bit until I decided to walk with my profits. Its nice to be in that $40 level right now since $45 is the halfway mark until the next level. Its been about a month now that I've been on this adventure. I started at $15. So that means that being at $40 makes me up $25 which is 166%. I would say that is a good push. I'll do a monthly recap at the beginning of each month from here on out.

Tomorrow as everybody here in the States knows is Thanksgiving. I won't be playing. I will be playing on Friday, as I have to work so that I can get the following Monday off. That is the first day of deer season and so I won't be playing then. So I'll play Friday the 23rd, then 4 days the following week. The Monday after that, December 3rd I'll crunch some numbers and get a nice recap written up for the month of November.

Enjoy your thanksgiving everybody. And don't forget to give thanks to who it matters most, God. :)

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