Monday, November 5, 2007

Same cards, different day....

So a guy sits down at my table with a buck after I have been there maybe 3 hands. I get KK and raise. He goes all-in, I call, he wins with AA. So that starts me down right away.

I got a little taste of revenge...There was a preflop raise to .06 and I was the 3rd of 4 callers. I hit my set but a spade draw presented itself. I was in late position. There was a .02 bet, a call, then a raise to .08. I called. There was a fold, then the better folded, and a third guy called. On the turn the spade it. The short stack went all-in for .54. The next guy folded and I called on hopes of pairing the board. I did. I won. Up a couple cents now, hopefully this half hour will be productive.

And at the end of the grind I'm up $.70.

Starting BR: $23.22
Ending BR: $23.92

Good to be moving in the right direction again.

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